ExpatAsia’s Gallery

Welcome to our Gallery, showcasing our Southeast Asian flavors in Calgary where you go on a unique culinary journey. Explore captivating images of our catering services in Calgary, cherished moments with customers-turned-friends, and the culinary adventures of our owners.


 ExpatAsia’s Culinary Creations

Dive into the world of Southeast Asian flavors in Calgary through our culinary creations. Here, you’ll find an array of photos displaying most of our diverse and delectable Asian dishes both in our restaurant and in catering services. Each image is a testament to our passion for authentic Asian cuisine with a modern twist, capturing the essence of our culinary expertise and the flavors that make us a favorite catering service in Calgary.

Memorable Events and Happy Customers

Check out our most cherished moments with customers at various events and in our store location at ExpatAsia’s Restaurant at Fresh & Local Market. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, these photographs showcase the joy and satisfaction of our clients, illustrating the vibrant atmosphere and exceptional service that ExpatAsia brings to every occasion.

The Journey of Our Chefs

Step into the personal culinary journey of our chefs when they first started ExpatAsia. It features a collection of personal photographs documenting their journey in mastering Asian cuisine. From early experiments in the kitchen to mastering complex dishes, these images reflect the dedication and skill that fuel ExpatAsia’s reputation for excellence in Asian catering in Calgary.


Thank you Joel for the great entertainment and food you brought to our anniversary party. My friends really liked getting involved and helping you in the kitchen. Sorry I spilt the sauce on the floor but that you came up with another one so fast. Crazy…. We will call on you again.

Craig Beveriage


We had the best dinner party ever. As a Dutch person I have fond memories of Indonesian style Rijsttafel dinners growing up and your menu did not disappoint. The spices, flavors and presentation was magnificent. It was truly an authentic Asian cuisine experience.

Gino Strijdhorst

CEO, European Fine Foods

What a great evening of food and fun. The Father and Son duo were a huge hit at our team building. You guys have so many great stories and you were so flexible with all our requests, we can’t thank you enough. One of the best catering in Calgary.

Jessica lypkie

Pastry Chef, Gorilla whale

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