Asian Restaurant in Calgary

Born in Canada, Raised in Asia

Authentic Southeast Asian Restaurant with a Modern Twist brought to you by the dynamic father-son duo of Calgary. Experience the flavors created by these Canadian chefs with years of experience as chefs in Asia. Dine with ExpatAsia at Fresh & Local Market + Kitchens.

Our entire menu is Gluten Free


Our Top Sellers

Pork Belly Poutine by Expat Asia Restaurant

Pork Belly Poutine

Crispy pork served on tater tots with chili cheese curds spring onions and smothered in-house made gravy (option to add fried egg).

Badass Dragon Noodles by Expat Asia Restaurant

BadAss Dragon Noodles

Black garlic confit, French truffle oil, sous-vide eggs. real parmesan cheese, Korean chili, crispy pork.

Crack and Cauliflower by Expat Asia Restaurant

Crack and Cauliflower

Our 2 best sellers (Crispy pork belly & Tiger cauliflower) combined over Jasmine rice.

Why Visit ExpatAsia Restaurant?

Inside Expat Asia - Asian-style Restaurant in Calgary

At ExpatAsia, we understand you aspire either to be a connoisseur of diverse cuisines or experience the unique flavors of Southeast Asia. To achieve this, you need a dining experience that offers both authenticity and innovation. However, the scarcity of genuine Southeast Asian culinary experiences in Calgary often disappoints you, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. We believe everyone deserves to explore the rich tapestry of Asian flavors. We empathize with your desire for culinary diversity, and that’s why we bring to you ExpatAsia. The chef’s of ExpatAsia spent 30 years living in S.E. Aѕіа аnd the Mіddlе East where they immersed themselves in the cultures and сuіѕіnеѕ of countries spanning Japan to Mаlауѕіа, Thаіlаnd, Hоng Kоng, and India. Jeff also ѕреnt one уеаr wоrkіng as a private chef for Hіѕ Majesty, Kіng Hussein and the royal family оf Jоrdan іn the Ammаn Royal Pаlасе before returning to Calgary. So you see, ExpatAsia isn’t your average Asian-style restaurant in Calgary, it is a culinary journey of authentic SE Asian flavors. Join and dine with us at ExpatAsia to prevent missing out on a unique dining experience and begin a journey through the authentic tastes of Southeast Asia.

ExpatAsia Won Multiple Platinum Awards in Calgary

Calgary community award winner 2023
Calgary Community Voters Award 1
Calgary Community Voters Award 2
Calgary Community Voters Award 3


1. Is the food authentically Asian?

Yes, our recipes are based on traditional Southeast Asian cuisine, perfected over decades.

2. Is it just traditional dishes?

We offer a blend of traditional as well as a fusion of east and west in many of our dishes. You can check out our menu here.

3. What about dietary restrictions?

Our menu caters to various dietary needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy our cuisine. Our entire menu is gluten free and nut free.

4. Is it suitable for families?

Absolutely, we provide a family-friendly atmosphere with dishes that appeal to all ages. We also offer a cool children’s combo meal.

The dynamic father-son duo of Expat Asia in Calgary

Sneak Peek at ExpatAsia's Kitchen

An Interview with ExpatAsia in Calgary

Visit and dine with us at:

Fresh & Local Market + Kitchens

12445 Lake Fraser Drive S.E. Calgary

Expat Asia LTD

ExpatAsia is just a few meters inside the West entrance of the food hall.


Thank you Joel for the great entertainment and food you brought to our anniversary party. My friends really liked getting involved and helping you in the kitchen. Sorry I spilt the sauce on the floor but that you came up with another one so fast. Crazy…. We will call on you again.

Craig Beveriage


We had the best dinner party ever. As a Dutch person I have fond memories of Indonesian style Rijsttafel dinners growing up and your menu did not disappoint. The spices, flavors and presentation was magnificent. It was truly an authentic Asian cuisine experience.

Gino Strijdhorst

CEO, European Fine Foods

What a great evening of food and fun. The Father and Son duo were a huge hit at our team building. You guys have so many great stories and you were so flexible with all our requests, we can’t thank you enough. One of the best catering in Calgary.

Jessica lypkie

Pastry Chef, Gorilla whale

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