Authentic Southeast Asian Menu

Explore ExpatAsia’s diverse cuisine, offering a culinary journey through authentic and innovative Southeast Asian countries. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted to delight your senses.


Southeast Asian Inspired Menu

Explore ExpatAsia’s Menu: A culinary odyssey of authentic, innovative Asian flavors crafted to tantalize your taste buds and delight you and your guests.

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Our entire menu is gluten-free

Pork belly meal by Expat Asia Restaurant

Pork Belly Meal

Crispy roasted pork belly, pan gravy, Jasmine rice with market veggies (option to add fried egg).

Singapore Fried Rice by Expat Asia Restaurant

Singapore Fried Rice

Tossed in exotic spices, garden veggies, Thai basil. Your choice of vegetarian, Chicken or Pork (option to add fried egg).

All-Day Brekkie by Expat Asia Restaurant

All Day Brekkie

Soy and sambal glazed pork with two sunny side eggs served with Jasmine rice or hash browns, spicy mayo.

Pork Belly Poutine by Expat Asia Restaurant

Pork Belly Poutine

Crispy pork served on tater tots with chili cheese curds spring onions and smothered in-house made gravy (option to add fried egg).

Malaysian Laksa Soup by Expat Asia Restaurant

Malaysian Laksa Soup

Creamy curry soup with noodles, veggies, chicken and sous-vide egg

Fried Chicken Poutine by Expat Asia Restaurant

Fried Chicken Poutine

Popcorn chicken, batter fried and seasoned with Korean garlic salt on tater tots with curds, gravy and our Tiger Aioli.

Tater Tots by Expat Asia Restaurant

Tater Tots

Fried Tater Tots with a choice of awesome dips – spicy garlic aioli, Japanese mayo, or Sweet Soy.

Badass Dragon Noodles by Expat Asia Restaurant

BadAss Dragon Noodles

Black garlic confit, French truffle oil, sous-vide eggs. real parmesan cheese, Korean chili, crispy pork.

Crack and Cauliflower by Expat Asia Restaurant

Crack and Cauliflower

Our 2 best sellers (Crispy pork belly & Tiger cauliflower) combined over Jasmine rice.

Chicken Wings by Expat Asia Restaurant

Chicken Wings

Flavored with your choice of: spicy sticky soy sauce / Korean BBQ / Filipino BBQ, garlic salt & pepper served with Jasmine rice (option to add fried egg).

Singapore Fried Noodles by Expat Asia Restaurant

Singapore Fried Noodles

Tossed with exotic spices, garden veggies, Thai basil (your choice of chicken or pork). Option to add fried egg.

Sisig Burnt Ends by Expat Asia Restaurant

Sisig Burnt Ends

Crispy Morsels of pork in Filipino BBQ sauce on rice with veggies and sous-vide egg.

Tiger Cauliflower by Expat Asia Restaurant

Tiger Cauliflower

Charred and tossed in a garlicy green onion and ginger aioli. You can also choose the double portion.

Children Menu - Dog Tots by Expat Asia Restaurant

Children's Menu

You children will love this. Fried tater tots with a choice of dips, hotdog, and Kool-Aid.

Creme Brulee by Expat Asia Restaurant

Creme Brulee

Our signature version of this favorite dessert. Choice of Vanilla or Coconut.

Prawn Crackers in a Pack by Expat Asia Restaurant

Asian Prawn Crackers

Crunchy and flavorful prawn crackers that are gluten-free.


  • Flavoured RST. peanuts (500 g)
  • Pan made pork gravy (500ml)
  • Chili garlic sambal (250ml)


  • Stirfried Veggies
  • Jasmine rice



    • Various Pop and water
    • Gatorade
    • Kool aid


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    Thank you Joel for the great entertainment and food you brought to our anniversary party. My friends really liked getting involved and helping you in the kitchen. Sorry I spilt the sauce on the floor but that you came up with another one so fast. Crazy…. We will call on you again.

    Craig Beveriage

    MD, BIMC

    We had the best dinner party ever. As a Dutch person I have fond memories of Indonesian style Rijsttafel dinners growing up and your menu did not disappoint. The spices, flavors and presentation was magnificent. It was truly an authentic Asian cuisine experience.

    Gino Strijdhorst

    CEO, European Fine Foods

    What a great evening of food and fun. The Father and Son duo were a huge hit at our team building. You guys have so many great stories and you were so flexible with all our requests, we can’t thank you enough. One of the best catering in Calgary.

    Jessica lypkie

    Pastry Chef, Gorilla whale

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